Calendar Event to Jira Worklog

The purpose of the add-on is to get Google Calendar Event data as Title, Start and End date time and send these data to the selected and connected Atlassian Jira Cloud instance to create a worklog. The user can select a Jira Issue from the selected Jira instance for the worklog.


  1. Open the Google Workspace Marketplace
  2. Search for Calendar Event to Jira Worklog
  3. Click on the Install Button

After installation, the app will prompt you to the authorization page to authorize with your Atlassian account and connect an Atlassian Jira Cloud instance.

After successful authorization, go to the Settings page to review your settings.


You can open settings page from the "..." menu, or from the footer.

On the settings page, you can

  • see which Atlassian user you are logged in with
  • select another Jira Cloud instance (if there is more connected)
  • select a color to change the color of the event after a successful worklog has been created
  • enable to omit closed Issues from the searcher (Issues in "closed" Issue category in Jira won't be displayed when you search for Issues)
  • connect to other available Jira instances with the “Connect Jira Site” button (but you can select and save only one to use for the worklogs)
  • remove the app from your connected Atlassian account with the “Remove Access” button (this button will navigate you to another webpage)

Save Calendar Event as Jira Worklog

After successful configuration you can start to use the app.

  1. Click on any existing event in your calendar to open the app page.
  2. On the “Log Event to Jira Cloud” app page under the “Connected user and Jira Cloud instance“ section you will see
    • the connected and selected Jira instance where the worklogs will be created,
    • what connected Atlassian user the worklogs will be created on behalf of.
  3. Under the “Issue“ section you will see
    • an issue input field (mandatory), where you can search for an Issue with Issue Key or Summary.
  4. Under the “Worklog data“ section you will see
    • the description input field (optional) which will be the description of the worklog that comes from the calendar event title,
    • the start date and time input field (mandatory) which will be the start date and time of the worklog that comes from the calendar start date and time,
    • the duration in minutes input field (mandatory) which will be the duration of the worklog that comes from the duration of the selected event,
  5. You can save the calendar event as a worklog with the “Log Event to Jira” button. The app will notify you if the worklog has been successfully saved in the Jira, or will display an error page otherwise.
  6. You can refresh the worklog data that comes from the calendar event with the "Refresh" button next to the “Log Event to Jira”. This can be useful sometimes, because google calendar cache the events, and does not trigger update events for the app if the user change the event’s duration with drag and drop or resizing the event card.

Terms of Use

The current version of Calendar Event to Jira Worklog can be used for free and it will be free in the future. The Software is provided „as is“. The source code is under Apache License 2.0.

Support and Feedback

If you have a bug to report or any feedback, raise a ticket on this support portal.