Calendar Event to Jira Worklog

Release Notes

Logged event color indicator


A new option in the Settings to select a color that will be applied to the event after a successful work logging. By default it is set to no color change.

Editable Worklog Data


The worklog data is now loaded to input fields and can be modified before sending it to Jira to create a worklog. The input fields will be initialized with the calendar event data just as they have appeared before, if selected.

Omit closed Issues from the searcher


A new toggle option in the Settings. If enabled, the Issues in "closed" Issue category in Jira won't be displayed when the user search for Issues.

Initial version release


Calendar Event to Jira Worklog is a Google Calendar add-on that allows you to create worklogs in your selected Atlassian Jira Cloud instance from your calendar event.

  • Authenticate to your Jira Cloud instance and save it in the settings.
  • Simply select one of the calendar events you want to log as working hours in your Jira.
  • Search for an issue or enter an Issue Key.
  • Log the calendar event as a worklog.
  • The worklog description will be the title of the event and it will be logged for the same date and time interval.